Record snowfall as sees cthảm bại to 50 centimet during major blizzard

There was more snow in in a single hour Monday morning than had ever fallen on any Jan. 17 in the city's history.

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* boy, 8, saves man nearly buried in snow paramedics are thanking an eight-year-old boy for saving an elderly man who was almost completely buried in snow during a blizzard Monday morning.


Snowstorm 2022 in Pictures

A major blizzard swept across and eastern Ontario on Monday, blanketing the thành phố in more snow in a single day as all of December & January previously.


First at-trang chủ COVID-19 antiviral prescription drug authorized by Health Canada

Health Canadomain authority has authorized the use of Pfizer's COVID-19 antiviral treatment Paxlovid, the first oral & at-home prescription medication to be cleared for use in this country.


'Highly improbable': Experts dispute claim Beijing Omicron case from Canadian mail

Chinese officials have alleged that Beijing's first case of the Omicron variant may have travelled khổng lồ the thành phố through a piece of mail from Canada, but experts tell CTV News that the clayên ổn doesn't add up.

These images show scale of snowstorm in Toronto lớn and parts of Ontario

From cars buried in snow lớn ambulances scrambling through barely visible streets, has collected images showing the extent of the snowfall across Toronkhổng lồ and parts of Ontario. boy, 8, saves man nearly buried in snow paramedics are thanking an eight-year-old boy for saving an elderly man who was almost completely buried in snow during a blizzard Monday morning.

More than 1,500 air travellers in Canada tried to lớn defy mask-wearing rules in 2021

More than 1,500 travellers refused lớn comply with wearing a face mask during their flight & hundreds of letters of non-compliance were issued in 2021 as a result, according to lớn updated data released by Transport Canada.

Ontario's top doctor 'starting khổng lồ have sầu much more hope' on COVID-19

Ontario’s chief medical officer of health is sounding a tone of optimism nearly two weeks after the province instituted a modified lockdown khổng lồ slow the spread of the Omicron variant.

Quebec girl, 4, dies of 'circumstances related to COVID-19,' hospital centre says

The University Hospital Centre (CHU) of Quebec said Monday that a four-year-old girl had died "due to lớn circumstances related to COVID-19."

Cold case investigation leads lớn surprise suspect in Anne Frank betrayal

A six-year cold case investigation into lớn the betrayal of Anne Frank has identified a surprising suspect in the mystery of how the Nazis found the hiding place of the famous diarist in 1944.

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DEVELOPING | Winter storm blasts across Ontario, parts of Quebec

A winter storm is battering southern Ontario và parts of Quebec Monday, with anywhere from 15 to lớn 60 centimetres of snow expected to lớn fall across the provinces.


Aerials: Drone video clip shows the heavy snowfall in Toronto

Most of Ontario hammered with winter snowstorm

No 'short-term' solution khổng lồ Canada's surgical backlog: CMA

CMA president Dr. Katharine Smart says there's no 'short-term' solutions lớn the massive sầu, growing backlogs for critical, but elective sầu, surgeries. boy, 8, saves man nearly buried in snow paramedics are thanking an eight-year-old boy for saving an elderly man who was almost completely buried in snow during a blizzard Monday morning.

Concern và anger grows for hundreds of birds trapped inside old Cape Breton church

It's been several years since St. Anthony's Church on Dominion Street in Glace Bay closed its doors khổng lồ the public, & since that time the vacant facility has attracted hundreds of birds, both inside và out.

4x4 enthusiast turns 'hero' driving snowed-in health-care staff to lớn work on Vancouver Isl&

Before he was known as Barlớn Built, sharing his backcountry 4x4 adventures on YouTube, Bart Sutherlvà was known as a 'rock-crawler,' driving his truông chồng over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Neighbours use kayak khổng lồ rescue driver after car crashes through ice in Manotichồng, Ont. paramedics say the driver declined treatment after being rescued from the Rideau River after a oto crashed through the ice.

B.C. son helps mom replace cherished memories after toonie collection stolen

After a fire destroyed most of the pictures showing her children’s past, Mandy Lamarche discovered she could reGọi their priceless moments together through coin collecting. When her collection was stolen, her son

Ontario woman gets surgery date after having life-saving cancer procedure postponed repeatedly due khổng lồ COVID-19

A 30-year-old Ontario woman whose cancer surgery was postponed multiple times because of COVID-19 has secured a new date for her procedure.

B.C. couple explain why they haven't removed hostage-taking cats from blender box

Like all epic stories, this one starts quite simply, beginning with the delivery of a blender in a box.

Calgary family demands answers after 6-year-old with cough walks trang chính from school alone

Adanech Sahilie was shocked when her six-year-old son knocked on the Calgary family's front door Wednesday morning.

Ontario man wins $70-million Lotlớn Max jackpot but says he has no plan khổng lồ retire

After about 30 years of playing the lottery and dreaming of a winning ticket, the day finally came for a father in Brampton, Ont. who is now $70-million richer.

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